Douroumis Research Group

Professor Dennis Douroumis obtained his BSc in Chemistry and PhD from the Department of Pharmacy at Patras University in Greece. He worked as a postdoctoral fellow (2004) at the Friedrich–Schiller University of Jena, Department of Pharmacy for the development of parenteral formulations of antiepileptic drugs (Novartis Pharma, Basel).

He also worked as a team leader (2005) in the development of nano-liposomal formulations and treatment of rheumatoid arthritis by applying photodynamic therapy (Biolitec Pharma GmbH.)

Following this, he worked for Phoqus Pharmaceutical plc (2005) as a Senior Scientist at the product development department. He was involved in the development and technology transfer of oral solid dosage forms (tablets, ODTs) by applying novel electrostatic deposition.

Dennis joined the Faculty of Engineering and Science at the University of Greenwich in 2007 as a lecturer. In 2015 he was promoted to Chair in Pharmaceutical Technology and Process Engineering. He has published more than 80 research articles, 7 book chapters and edited two books on HME and the delivery of water insoluble APIs. He has patented two proprietary technologies on the coating of transdermal microneedles and printing of drug eluting stents. Professor Douroumis has delivered keynote presentations at national and international conferences while his group presented numerous poster presentations.

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